You can never have enough precious emeralds…

From Porto Cervo or Poltu Quatu you sail along the entire Costa Smeralda until you reach the beaches of Liscia Ruja and Petra Ruja.

Along the way you come across the most renowned beaches of the Coast: Namely Romazzino, Principe and Capriccioli, all sun kissed white sands slightly veined with pinkish shades of granite. Then you go along Cala di Volpe, a small natural harbour dominated by a hotel of the same name. Liscia Ruja, the largest beach on the Costa Smeralda, is the next stop.

The itinerary continues towards the islands of Soffi, Le Camere and Mortorio. During navigation you can admire splendid villas that lap the emerald sea in the stretch of coast that goes from Romazzino to Cala di Volpe.


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